Om Varma

Associate Professor, Education Studies Department, MIE
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Activities at MIE- 2009

Activities 2009 available for download.

Download PGCE Programme Handbook 2009-2010

Sociology materials online

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    Draft Education & Human Resources Strategy Plan 2008-2020

    The Education & Human Resources Strategy Plan (EHRSP) has been formulated in line with the vision of providing a quality education for all and developing a Human Resource base to transform Mauritius into an intelligent nation state in the vanguard of global progress and innovation through the development of a culture of achievement and excellence.


    Central to this Plan is the universalisation of opportunities for quality education at all levels, right from pre-primary through to post-secondary education subsectors, and for the training sector. The drive is thus towards ensuring access to learning opportunities for all and fostering innovation and generating new knowledge for the socio-economic and sustainable development of the nation.


      A PDF copy of Power Point presentation is available.

      Teacher's Diploma SEN 2008-2011

      The Teacher’s Diploma SEN  programme  is being run for the second cohort for practitioners in the primary sector of education. The course has been revisited taking into account best international practices in the field of special educational needs and local classroom realities.


      In line with government’s declared policy of inclusive education as a means to eradicate poverty, the targets set  by UNESCO and articulated in the Millenium Development Goals, MIE is systematically integrating aspects of special needs  education across all its teacher education programmes .   However, conscious of the need to strategically re-engineer teacher education to address more frontally failure at CPE, the Institute has, for the past years, synchronized and focused its efforts in the area of special needs through direct intervention at the school level, research and training.

      To download Programme Handbook go to Full Story of click on link above.

      Also see SEN Govt Portal

      List of Specialised Schools - 2006
      The National Policy & Strategy Paper on Special Education Needs :  The cover
      The National Policy & Strategy Paper on Special Education Needs :  The Policy and Strategy document - (pdf version - 36.8 MB)


      This Report contains a summary of findings together with lists of commendations and recommendations. A commendation refers to the achievement of a stated goal, or to some plan or activity that has led to, or appears likely to lead to, the achievement of a stated goal, and which in Audit Panel's view is particularly significant. A recommendation refers to an area in need of attention, whether in respect of approach, deployment or results, which in TEC's view is particularly significant. It is acknowledged that recommendations in this Audit Report may have resource implications, and that this can pose difficulties for the Institution. Accordingly, TEC does not prioritise these recommendations, and recognises that it is the responsibility of the MIE to respond in a manner consistent with its local context.
      (You can also access the report through the attachment - Open with Adobe reader)


      Curriculum Framework for Primary Education in Mauritius

      The Primary Curriculum Framework has been developed within the broader perspective of the National Curriculum Framework for the Republic of Mauritius along the lines laid down in the document issued in September 2006 by the Ministry of Education & Human Resources entitled “Towards a Quality Curriculum – Strategy for Reform”.


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