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Biology Olympiad 2010 Phase II
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Published on 24/08/2010

Biology Olympiad 2010

Phase II: Final Competition

Venue: Biology Laboratory (0900 -13 00hrs)

Following the completion of the phase I (Preliminary competition) of the Biology Olympiad (BO) 26 candidates have been shortlisted for the phase II of BO (Final competition). This competition includes a 3 hour-paper with questions based on the Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS) Biology syllabus 9700 and candidates will be assessed both in practical and theoretical questions. 

In this paper, candidates will be given some questions to answer.Most of these questions will be about the results of their investigation and some will be related to the main theme.

The phase II of BO will be held on 27 August 2010 between 09 00 and 13 00 hrs at the Biology Laboratory, Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE).

The whole session will be carried out in the Biology Laboratory.Candidates will be requested to

enter the laboratory at 0910 hrs.They will be briefed and given some clear instructions about the practical. The paper will be started at 0930 hrs and will end at 1230 hrs.

Dr Ravhee Bholah

BO Coordinator