The Educational Administration and Management Department is a full-fledged one

operating under the School of Education of the Mauritius Institute of Education(MIE).Presently, it is being led by a Head of department, namely Mr. Mahboob Sooltan SOHAWON, one full-time lecturer, Mrs. Nathalie CONGO-POOTTAREN and some resource persons as part-time lecturers.

The vision of the Educational Administration and Management Department is to
spearhead the development of leadership capacity in Mauritian schools by harnessing and channeling available expertise, both local and international, to the transformation of schools as centres for effective and quality learning.

The mission of the Educational Administration and Management Department is to set
up the right platform/avenue where issues on educational leadership and management can be shared and discussed with a view to enhancing the efficiency

of all those who are interested in leading and managing their institutions.In the past, various programmes like the Certificate in Educational Management (CEM) and the Advanced Certificate in Educational Management (ACEM) were organized for

Heads of Primary schools. Some time back, the above programmes have been revised and we have come today with the Diploma in Educational Management (DEM) programme. Details of the programme are found below.


The DEM has two entry points.

  1. A one-year programme for candidates holding the following qualifications: Teachers' Diploma Primary, Certificate in Educational Management, Advanced Certificate in Management and/ or possessing a Degree.

These candidates will follow a programme of two semesters consisting of 6 modules one of which will involve a school based project.

  1. A two-year programme for candidates who possess the Teachers' Certificate Primary and the Advanced Certificate of Education of the MIE.

These candidates will follow a programme of four semesters consisting of 12 modules one of which will involve a school-based project.


The aim of this programme is to empower primary school Headmasters/Headmistresses and educators, through a body of specialised knowledge, practical skills and experiences, to bring quality and good governance within their schools.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme participants should be able to:

  • Identify and reflect on the fundamentals and the international trends of school management and leadership
  • Communicate and network with all stakeholders for the efficient and effective running of the school
  • Engage in strategic planning,producing and managing school development plans
  • Apply skills and strategies towards team building and address conflicts throughnegotiations
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the teaching and learning processes with a view to supporting educators and learners
  • Monitorthe implementation of the curriculum effectively at school level
  • Develop, use and apply principles and strategies which would promote good school governance and effective financial management
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of basic relevant legal provisions and procedures pertaining to school sector at primary level
  • Enhance their self development and contribute to knowledge in the field of education through research, lifelong learning and scholastic activities
  • Use MIE Moodle e-learning platform.